The saying goes "nice" ye are true in home life now, every family has its own exclusive space. Now for most people, life in the big city using its own comfort zone is not easy, when you're in the face of high prices and a huge renovation costs, it will make you feel a little scary.

"Willing to let, homes have had to" when you're in the city has a fairly similar House, you how to carry out the planning and decorating it? Mini room decoration is a reasonable plan and use it? In this regard, the experts of China's first brand of soft weapon for everyone.

First, the small space layout should be human-centred, as its core storage. Sofa in the living room play, therefore in the selection of up to 1.2 metres in length and relatively shorter. At the same time, a living room area is small, if indoor low light, will make sense of oppression. If appropriate the use of bright colours decorating the living room, it will effectively improve the sense of light in the living room. Selected a site in a small living room with ocean or the forest as a theme of oil painting or watercolor paintings for decoration, can also affect the expansion of the small space feel. Just select the appropriate color, hut singing songs are melodious and soulful.

Secondly, the small apartment after becoming a trend, we must be prepared. There is not enough space available for you to splurge, each square must be careful. In this one, bedroom bedding is the most worthy of our attention, because we will be one-third time stay there every day.

If you have a mini 10-20 m² bedroom, decoration? Soft bed expert tips to start with the following details:

Getting through barrier, to be a "open" bedroom, if your bedroom is too small, and real-world conditions permitting, just leave the living room and bedroom. Not only does this reduce the sense of narrow except in the bedroom or living room 1 time times visually. Of course, the most important, is to set up a good partition.

Finally, for the toilet area is relatively small, how can a fully functional. Bathroom is broadly divided into two parts, but space is limited so try new to plan its own amenity area. Bedding designers to say small-bathroom should not use excessive colors, which will seem more cramped space, but as an embellishment and decoration elements, can be a little more flexibility, and ceiling at the same time at the end of the gradient effect, without too much complex design, the tiles of the same specification, just changed the color, you can create this kind of effect, is worth learning from.

Details determine success or failure in life be changed every aspect of life is in the details, and for most young people, mini House has become a trend in their pursuit of, and mini homes with only minor changes in the details can become your favorite new homes, then what are you waiting for? Hurry!

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