Many people will have questions, what exactly is the so-called modern style? What are the specific characteristics of modern style?

Modern style is one of the more popular style, fashion and trends, focus on the layout of the room space and using the perfect combination of features. Also known as functionalism of modernism, is a product of industrial society, and its first representative was built in Germany Bauhaus school in Weimar. Its theme is: to create an environment to enable artists in modern production of least resistance-the mechanical environment. This technical aesthetic mind is Interior maximum revolutions of this century. Today the vast majority of indoor items or accessories such as lamps, furniture and other industrial products are produced on a factory, however, does not mean that machines created by household items grouped together to form a modern style, is an art that can be called a style, in fact, modern style can be divided into several genres, and most of them represent Gao Jipai and style.

Gao Ji sent focus on "height industrial technology" of performance, has several obviously of features: first is like using latest of material, especially stainless steel, and aluminum plastic Board or alloy material, as indoor decoration and the furniture design of main material; second is for structure or machinery organization of exposed, as put indoor pipes, and wind tube exposed out, or using transparent of, and bare machinery parts of household appliances; in features Shang stressed modern apartments of audio-visual features or automation facilities, household appliances mainly to furnishings, widget node exquisite, and delicate, Interior art is abstract art style.

Style pie is the beginning of the century to Netherlands as the center of modern art genre, strictly speaking, it is a branch of the Cubist painting, that art should eliminate contacts with any natural objects, only minimal visual elements, such as points, lines, surfaces, and primary colors is truly universal and eternal themes of art. Its interior design is the representative figure of wood origin liteweierde, full expression of his style in all aspects, such as furniture, works of art display, appearance of the Bauhaus style of the art transition happens, it creates an absolute representative of abstract visual language and character designs for modern art, modern architecture and interior design have had a crucial impact.
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This is a lot to take in so be patient with this stuff before you try the next examples.


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