Beech wood, also writing "according to wood" or "semen hoveniae wood". Because it was produced in southern China, Northern elm and become "North Elm South beech". In foreign countries such as Europe, Japan and other places also have growth of beech wood, especially Germany because in the Alps mountain range of beech wood, beech wood are particularly good, beech wood-very strong and heavy, fine wood grain and more direct, less texture giant texture is clear, pastel, smooth. Although cannot be equated with clocks, such as huanghuali wood of beech wood, but in the traditional furniture in the Ming and Qing dynasties, especially in civil, uses extremely broad. Handed down in the Ming and Qing furniture, many are made with beech wood, mostly for large pieces of furniture, such as a text and a large closet. Its artistic value and historical value, comparable with the other valuable hardwood furniture. Old beech wood with red-named in ' blood beech ', very rare, classical furniture made from their market prices are constantly rising. How do modern furniture products, and beech wood beech wood furniture the stairs, beech wood materials is also very popular.

At present, the domestic timber market for import of beech wood, producing areas of Europe and North America region, wooden stable performance, belongs to the high-end furniture wood. Imports from Europe and the United States with Mao Ju material well, import prices for domestic beech several times over. Homemade with Mao Ju also called Fagus, beech wood, and is constructed of wood, wood grain are differentiated, its lower price. Recent European beech wood prices continue to rise, prices are rising.

Beech wood is tall, thus the common single board in beech wood furniture for case, foot and a half wide, long more than ten feet belong to normal. Doors are generally a sole plate, plate profile control for the second, flipping left and right doors. Beech wood solid and compact, color patterns and beautiful mountains overlapping layer upon layer, Tower-shaped sheath best, commonly known as the pagoda pattern, double pagoda pattern door is the top grade in the Cabinet. "But in different parts of the beech wood have different.

Advantages of beech wood furniture are:

1, hard materials, textures, the structure is fine;

2, wear-resistant and shiny when dry no distortion;

3, processing, finishing, gluing is better.

The disadvantage of beech wood furniture is:

1, color and density differences due to age different, makes furniture color is not uniform;

2, kiln drying and processing that is easy to crack and easy to shape.

3. Aridity in 8~12% is appropriate.
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