Furniture large stores often expose the huge damn, da Vinci with their high price, bad quality, so many families affected, brought a new test to the large stores, many consumers are therefore beginning to return, hope the custom methods to achieve a high quality of life!

Now there are many custom cabinet closet factory, it is seeing the consumer potential of custom furniture. So why do consumers all over again to spend the larger effort to customize the whole Cabinet wardrobes? Reporters interviewed experts, experts from the two main explanations for consumers to return to the Customize the pattern!

First, pay attention to environmental protection, now more and more from furniture stores to buy furniture, finished, and style is also very good, but there are serious security implications, firstly many inside finished furniture contain a lot of aldehydes, green consumers were now required for such furniture will naturally have been carefully selected! Furniture stores will easily cost tens of thousands also discourage many consumers, and that tens of thousands of furniture is authentic? From Leonardo da Vinci furniture stores exposure theme can be seen many, finished furniture market there is a number of black interest chain, so consumers are turning to custom furniture!

Other is now able to provide customized closet wardrobe plant capacity has been very strong, and market clothing cupboard cabinet design company there are many, and more closet closet factory to provide the design and production of the one-stop service, naturally formed in the furniture market unit customized the whole Cabinet of the wind!

Visible now of consumers will purchase furniture of thinking again returned to custom of old road up, looks is a behind of procurement mode, but after cabinet wardrobe factory of strongly of development, this mode zhiqian of ills has thoroughly elimination, instead of is full play has Cabinet wardrobe processing plant its flexible of sales policy, fine of processing capacity, and fashion of design, natural achieve has people on user furniture environmental of pursuit, while also highlight has itself of personality and purchase furniture of cost! Journalists believe that winds of this custom will become worse! For a cupboard closet factory, or will usher in a new round of growth point of profit!

Market dominance can tell the whole Cabinet look small factory kitchen cabinet market in China is still super clean state giant kitchen cabinet: is ignored by the fashion industry as a whole Cabinet market capacity can not be underestimated as investment highlights the whole Cabinet favor industry regulation needs to be strengthened

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